For your city

Less emissions in your home town!

Our ePilot Business offer also enables cities and municipalities to book e-car sharing for the employees and/or the public of the town. Would you like to make your city more sustainable? Contact us now.

Our mission

As a flexible mobility partner, we support an ecological traffic turn. At the moment, an average European citizen consumes 8.4 tonnes of CO2. A person must only emit 0.600 tons of CO2 annually though in order to slow down climate change. Let’s reach our climate goals together! For reducing each of our footprints step by step, mobility solutions that pathe the way to an emission-free future are much in need. We believe in the compatibility of technology and sustainability - and see our service and our concept as part of an all-inclusive solution. Become a part of our family.

A sustainable model for private and corporate transport

There have been many misunderstandings when comparing the sustainability of gasoline cars vs. electric cars. In the past, electric luxury cars were often compared with mid-range petrol cars. Researchers at Trier University of Applied Sciences thus converted a VW Caddy into an electric car in 2020 in order to perfectly determine when the electric car will be more sustainable than the gasoline car. The result is that if the car battery was made with green electricity, it will become more sustainable than a gasoline car after 20,000 km. If the production of batteries is optimized, green electricity is used for charging and max. recycling of the battery will be compulsory – as up to 95% of those batteries is recyclable – electric carsharing is a sustainable model for ecological transport.