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Posted 18 Nov 2020

Reading time: 2 Minutes

From billboards to branded cars and now, e-scooters? 

Ok, well maybe e-scooters do not have the same surface area as a billboard to share a company’s message but does not mean that branded electric vehicles do not add value to companies. So why is it exactly so many companies purchasing their own fleet of electric vehicles with their own branding? 

The answer is simple. While billboards and branded cars are for external marketing, branded vehicles are more than a marketing ploy but an added perk to ease the daily life of both employees and clients. 

In this article we give three example situations where branded vehicles could come in handy for corporates and SMEs: 

  1. Large corporate campuses 

One of the main reasons why electric mobility became a huge hit overnight in many big cities is the “last mile” advantage. This is particularly true in cities where parking can be expensive or just a hassle. Many employees take their car from surrounding areas and into cities to go to work. For corporates, providing their own fleet of electric vehicles allows employees to take an easier form of transportation from either a train station or where they park their car. Furthermore, lunch meetings and quick out of the office tasks throughout the day can be cut down to a fraction of the time with the aid of electric mobility.

  1. Corporate events 

This goes for internal corporate events or even large scale festivals and conferences. Sometimes, logistically, these events need to be held in multiple locations. Or there are side events that attendees are also granted access to that may not be located on site. For these reasons it could bring value to the event to provide transportation to attendees with branded scooters for the event. 

  1. Large Corporate Campuses 

Another great use for corporate branded vehicles is for large corporate campuses that are simply difficult to get around because of their size. By giving employees access to electric scooters would make getting from point a to point b across the campus easier.