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Posted 18 Jun 2019

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Lime  is expanding its presence in the German market and is now providing Berliners with its electric scooter Lime-S.

● New Urban Mobility Solution Provides a Sustainable and Practical Way to Commute to Work, Discover Berlin and Have Fun

● On June 30, Lime invites Berliners to the "First Ride Festival" to test the electric scooter Lime-S as a new mobility option.

Lime, the leading provider of innovative and smart urban mobility solutions, is officially bringing its electric scooters to Germany. From now on, electric scooters are now available from Lime here in Berlin. In Hamburg and Cologne, Lime also plans to offer Lime e-scooters in a timely manner. The plan is to start with a few hundred electric scooters in the cities and expand the services as they are needed.

The electric scooters offer another alternative for practical, safe and sustainable mobility in Berlin. With the electric scooters from Lime, people in Berlin gain more flexibility and a new view of their city. All this while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. The electric scooters are always provided according to the local requirements and circumstances.

The micro-mobility service provider, Lime, is building on its existing, extensive global presence. The company operates in 37 cities in 16 European countries. In addition, Lime has been present in Berlin since April 2018 with their e-bikes. From which, the Berliners are familiar with the Lime brand and the company's commitment to road safety and sustainability. Recent efforts by German authorities has enabled this new mobility solution to come to Berlin.

Fabian Ladda, Head of Public Relations, Lime Germany, says (translated from German): "Our experience of over a year in Germany has shown us that there is a real appetite for micro-mobility solutions. Therefore, we are happy to bring our electric scooters to Berlin. Thanks to our close and ongoing cooperation with the respective municipalities, we can offer cities a good solution for some of their traffic problems, such as congestion or air pollution. "

Lime offers an urban mobility solution for the first and last kilometers of a commute, which can be perfectly combined with public transport. This makes life easier for people in the city and provides them with new ways to get to work, to meet their friends or explore their city.

With a nationwide campaign, Lime helps people across Germany unlock the potential of urban mobility unhindered and secure. To achieve this, Lime will hold a series of information events and initiatives to encourage the safe and responsible use of e-scooters in Berlin and throughout Germany.

As part of the launch, the market leader in electric scooters will also launch a lime crew. The responsibilities of this task force is to alert users to proper parking of e-scooters and thus prevent poor traffic behavior. If electric scooters obstruct sidewalks or lie on the ground, the Lime crew goes to users and draws attention to the correct use of the e-scooters in road traffic. In addition, the Lime crew will re-park misplaced electric scooters in designated parking lots.

As everywhere else in the world, Lime is pursuing the goal of acting as a leading provider and partner of intelligent micro-mobility solutions for cities. In addition to our endeavors to ensure user safety, Lime will continue to focus on hardware and product innovation. The Lime-S electric scooter was specially designed for the German market and meets all the high technical requirements including insurance requirements.

"Lime wants to actively shape the traffic change in the cities. Our goal is to push back motorized private transport and extend the multimodal transport mix with an electric and CO2-free mobility alternative. We are committed to less traffic jams, fewer emissions and better bike and scooter infrastructure. Lime wants to give people back the city, "continues Fabian Ladda.

First Ride Festival on June 30, 2019! 

Lime invites the Berliners to the "First Ride Festival". At various locations in the city, Lime will provide visitors with several hundred electric scooters for free test drives. The users will be assisted by a manual that shows them the safe and responsible use of electric scooters. During the event, all users travel together to the First Ride Festival, where they can celebrate with Lime on the occasion of the new urban mobility solution. 

Further information 

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