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Posted 05 Aug 2019

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E-scooters give us freedom without having to feel guilty about harming the environment or emitting excessive CO2 emissions. They are the perfect companions in everyday life, they are easy to stow away and are also easy to transport on public transport.

E-scooter vs. Scooter

Anyone who has ever driven e-scooters, will have a hard time getting involved in a normal scooter afterwards. With e-scooters, thanks to their e-scooter batteries, you do not have to drive to the petrol station for charging, but only carry a rechargeable battery in a carrying bag so that you have a battery handy in case of emergency.

The E-Scooter Battery 

The engine of an e-scooter is the e-scooter battery, without a charged battery, the scooter is just a scooter. Albeit, a slightly heavier scooter. The e-scooter battery determines the power and range of the electric scooter. The best-known batteries are equipped with lithium-ion. The lithium-ion battery is modern and powerful and included in just about any smartphone or laptop. They are three to four times as strong as their predecessor, lead-gel batteries. Due to their light weight, they are easy to transport in a battery bag and can be taken on just about any route. Even if you do not use a battery for several days, the e-scooter battery works perfectly and is ready to use.

The battery does not have to be completely discharged - to replace it, a battery should only have 15%. But if you want to be sure and replace the battery in advance, that's no problem. For longer distances with no to little slope holds keeps going a very long time. Although, on slopes, they when they use more power the battery may need to be replaced more quickly. But due to the lightweight design the battery can be easily changed or charged.  

E-Scooter Models with Replaceable Batteries

All e-scooters of the top companies: Bird, Tier, Lime, Voi, and Circ have replaceable e-scooter batteries. The replaceable batteries cost on average less than half a tank for a small car and are easy to transport. Unlike a gasoline backpack, a battery weighs as much as a power bank or a large battery for laptops.

Both adults and children can easily transport the battery or e-scooter battery from point A to B. Transport bags for batteries and batteries are available in all variations and all colors. They are handy and take up very little space.

Functioning and Handling

How to replace an e-scooter battery is explained in several videos on YouTube. The battery is clicked out and the new battery removed from the battery bag and inserted.

The scooters with removable batteries are just now making their breakthrough, with the replaceable battery there is no distance too long and no slope too high. E-scooters compete with all other vehicles and they are easy to handle. Amazingly, you do not need a driver's license and luckily you do not have high costs associated with e scooter use. Another added benefit is that you do not have to visit gas stations because the batteries are always interchangeable. In the office, at work, at school, or even in the restaurant the battery of the e-scooter can charge. All models on the e-Pilot platform benefit from the removable batteries with battery bag and carrying bag for bus and train.

The E-Scooter Battery in General

The e-scooter battery is small and compact with a high voltage, so it can last long and bring the driver to any destination. Like a sports bag, the carrying bag can be hung over your shoulder or carried in your hand. The battery bag has hardly any weight and has handles for carrying. The e-scooter battery looks like a big black box with red wires. Due to its shape, it is perfectly adapted to the battery bag and can be easily attached to the front of the handlebars of the e-scooter or on the luggage rack of the e-scooter.

Now you do not have to worry if your display shows that your battery has no battery left in less than 10 meters, as you will inevitably always have a carrying bag with a battery bag or spare battery for your e-scooter.

Be Careful with the Battery!

There are some rules to get started. The battery of the e-scooter should be fully charged during the first drive. This applies either while driving or when your e-scooter is at home in the corner or on the train.

Which Battery Should You Choose?

How big the battery for an e-scooter should be is up to each driver individually. If you are one of the people who drive long distances with many inclines maybe a larger e-scooter battery is better for you. You also want to be on the spot quickly and therefore irritates the full capacity of the battery of the e-scooter, you should be on all variants of an e-scooter Inform the battery which advantages or disadvantages the battery has.