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Posted 03 Apr 2021

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The term car sharing has barely established itself in Germany and yet we’re already onto the upgrade: E-car sharing. What is that? Clearly: carsharing with electric cars, of course!

Good cars for everyone
ePilot Mobility allows private and corporate customers to rent an electric car of their choice via the app. The members can even participate in the car purchase of the fleet. This happens via a token sale - and it is this token that makes ePilot Mobility so special.

The e-Pilot token: a digital token for electromobility
ePilot Mobility offers a platform for people interested in electric cars and enables participation without private ownership. Users participate in the purchase of electric cars via a token system. Customers can buy the tokens - also to be understood as a digital currency - and thus secure a starting credit to use the fleet. In addition, the amount of tokens increases when the cars are in motion by other users.

Opportunities for the community
By participating in the electric car fleet, car sharing with ePilot Mobility becomes more exciting. The electric motors make car sharing more sustainable. The combination of community vehicles and advanced technology makes ePilot Mobility a significant startup for the German traffic turnaround.

ePilot Mobility as a contribution to the traffic turnaround
The traffic turnaround combines modern mobility concepts with sustainable energy. The aim is to transform noxious traffic into an environmentally friendly and diverse network of mobility options. As an app with participation in the fleet and mobility tokens for electromobility, ePilot Mobility offers exactly the platform that Germany needs for a more green and sustainable future.