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Posted 09 Jan 2020

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According to Indepent.uk the average EU employee commutes 37.5 minutes per day. The cost of gas, car maintenance, metro ticket or otherwise is up to the employees and on top of that the 37.5 minutes per day is not compensated. 

“The number of commuters in Germany has reached new record numbers. A government study found that housing costs in inner cities are increasingly forcing people further out.” - dw.com

There are a number of reasons for the increase in commuter numbers but the one that is most commonly cited is the rising costs of living in and near city centers. The cities with the highest numbers of commuters in Germany are also those with some of the highest rent prices. For example, Munich holds the highest number of commuters at 365,000 people traveling to work. The average price of a one bedroom apartment in Munich is over well over 1,000 EUR per month. 

Often times the perfect place for a small to medium size enterprise is not ideal for the employees to live, especially employees with a family. As costs of living near places of work increase, employees are forced to pay for their commute. This price is paid either in higher rent costs or in loss of time due to a longer commute. 

  1. Create a larger hiring pool 

By creating attractive options and understanding the burden of commute an enterprise can expand their hireable pool of applicants. 

  1. Raise employee retention 

Providing benefits makes an enterprise more attractive to prospective applicants and increases retention in current employees. It is imperative for organizations to hire and maintain the best possible talent and fit. 

  1. Promote the right kind of corporate culture 

Providing benefits can promote your company culture. If your company wants to have a culture centered around wellness or caring for the needs of employees this could be a reasonable form of internal marketing


Introducing ePilot

ePilot creates electric mobility subscription plans for companies to cover their employees’ commute as a corporate benefit. Making it easy for small to medium size enterprises to provide mobility with 3 different plans to fit the needs of your company’s employees. 

As an added bonus ePilot works with only electric mobility options. So your employees can choose their favorite eco friendly options to commute to work. 

For more information on how to provide you employees with an electric mobility corporate benefit, click here