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Posted 16 Dec 2020

Reading time: 3 Minutes

With the year coming to an end, the ePilot team has decided to put together a short review of the past year as well as a preview of what is to come. We know this year with Covid-19 has caused many businesses to have to pivot and seem even to close. We are immensely grateful for the hard work of our team and support of the electric mobility community that has allowed us to not only survive this time to thrive. 

Data Security, Secured!

Because the ePilot platform takes care of important data from companies it is very important that a trustable infrastructure partner with German cloud services was secured. ePilot secured Vodafone as a partner in 2020. This was an important technical milestone and partnership for our product moving forward. 

Co-working and Co-innovating 

ePilot also moved into a new coworking space, The Drivery. Joining over 120 different companies working and innovating around the field of electric mobility. Joining Europe’s largest mobility platform and community has opened many doors for us in critical stages of ePilots development. 

Invest in ePilot 

This year ePilot teamed up with the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) or in English the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 

The program is known as the INVEST venture capital grant. It is common knowledge that start-ups even with the best ideas and intentions struggle to pass the initial investment phase. That is why BMWi created the INVEST program which with the acquisition grant business angels receive 20 percent of their investment tax-free with a minimum investment of 10,000 euros in venture capital. Furthermore, taxes on profits can be reimbursed at a flat rate with the exit grant. 

Abo and Business

ePilot began as a subscription plan for companies to purchase an electric mobility budget for their employees to use for their commute. During the course of the year ePilot found opportunities to expand into our business and create a more diverse offering. After spending some time in the e-mobility space we began to see where else ePilot could support the community and customers. That is why we created ePilot Business to compliment ePilot Abo. 

In ePilot business there is a marketplace, branded vehicles, marketing, laboratory and cities and communities. 

2021 Preview

2021 is looking to be the most exciting year yet for ePilot. In the course of the year we hope to launch our app. This is a process we began working on this year and is set to roll out as soon as possible. 

Now that we are past the ideation phase of ePilot business we are excited to present the services offered. Especially branded vehicles. 

This has been a crazy year and the whole ePilot team is looking forward to the next year in e-mobility with everything it has to offer.