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Posted 21 Aug 2019

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The ePilot Story

Everyone loves a good origin story, and we here at ePilot are no different. Thankfully, ours doesn’t include being bitten by a radioactive spider, crash-landing on an alien planet or an experiment gone nuclearly wrong.

ePilot’s Origin Story

Our origin story is something of a startup within a startup. Or maybe even a case study of what can happen in a room when a few passionate people (Developers, PR and Marketing Specialists, Design Thinkers,  Entrepreneurs) get excited about the NEXT BIG THING. ePilot grew out of Paranoid Internet, a digital marketing agency and incubator for disruptive projects.

In a way, ePilot was shaped from our world travels to cities like Paris, Lisbon, and San Francisco, all in the name of growing our knowledge base and network. These travels gave the team insights and first-hand previews of the e-mobility craze that was happening around the world before hitting our of Berlin. We couldn't help but notice that we had some recurring questions.

Which app should I download?

How can I expense this? 

Do I really have to download Lime, Voi, Circ, AND Tier

So when we got word that e scooters would descend onto the streets of Berlin in early summer, we were ready. We wanted to answer these questions and make a cohesive product available with all the e-mobility options in one place. Also provide companies a chance to fulfill their green mission and employees to have a way to get to work that fits their eco-friendly lifestyle.

To this we decided to build a e-Mobility subscription for companies. They can decide to provide their employees with a benefits program for their daily commute or zipping around on their lunch break or to and from meetings. Think of it this way, a European based, e-mobility subscription plan. 

The idea is good, practical and something people want, but it isn't without its own set of obstacles. Aggregation is not easy, especially when there are a lot of different industry players and you are attempting to break the mold. What we really look forward to simplifying the booking process making it easy as possible to make the switch to e-mobility.

Looking Forward

Many of us were initially attracted to e scooters and e bikes because of the fun factor. While zipping through your city in some kind of motorized toy out of a 90s childhood sci-fi dream, there is another element to all this that is worth considering. If your daily commute is one of the biggest contributors to your personal carbon footprint, then switching to e-mobility can have a big impact. Additionally, inspiring, incentivizing or otherwise getting others to change their transportation habits and replace them with e-mobility can create a domino effect for change.