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Posted 15 Aug 2019

Reading time: 7 Minutes

Since June 15th electric scooters have taken to the streets of Germany and this the hype is not dying down.

Sharing services such as Lime, Bird or Tier are already on the streets and you simple need an app to hope on their electric scooters. Now that e scooters have been given legal approval, you may be wondering if it makes sense to get your very own e scooter. But how do the current models of e scooters compare? And are all e scooters on the market street legal in Germany? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular models.

What do you have to consider before buying an e scooter?

Anyone who wants to ride an electric scooter on public roads first off has to master the traffic regulations. Also, there is of course a minimum age. Since June 2019 in Germany, persons over 14 years old may drive an electric scooter. The maximum speed and the maximum power is also something should pay attention to before buying. Only e-scooters with a maximum speed of 20 km / h and a maximum output of 500 watts are allowed for road traffic. However, a short-term peak power of up to 700 watts is allowed. A helmet is not mandatory, but wearing a helmet for safety reasons is definitely recommended. In addition, the electric scooter must be equipped with two independent brakes for both front and rear wheels. The brake lights must be red in color.

Which criteria should play a role in your e scooter comparison?

When buying an e scooter, several factors play a role. In addition to the price of the purchase, it is imperative to consider the performance and the range. But also, don’t forget the handling, the weight and the maximum load capacity. These should all be carefully checked before buying. Furthermore, the electric scooters differ in terms of battery charging time and features, so a closer look at the technical data of each e scooter.

What counts when comparing electric scooters?

There are already a large number of electric scooters on the market. However, if you are looking for a street legal e scooter, you should definitely check the models in question before purchasing. Only if the e-scooter meets the criteria in terms of maximum speed, performance and such, you can drive safely and without legal repercussion on public roads. Cheap e-scooters are usually only suitable for private use. On the other hand, too highly motorized models are not allowed to participate in road traffic. On top of that, even if you have find an e scooter that fits the criteria outlined above, it still needs to be suitable for insurance companies.

How do the e scooters prove in a side by side comparison?

The lower price segment for e-scooters starts at around 300 euros. However, most of these scooters do not (yet) fulfill all the requirements for a license in German traffic. Currently, some models are already on the market, which cost about 600 - 700 euros and have already received the coveted road legal status. Street legal electric scooters in the upper price range are around 2,000 euros. But the price alone is not always decisive. Tested by the Dekra, the following models meet all the criteria for road approval in Germany:



Revoluzzer 3.0 Basic 20

Metz moover


93 x 50 x 110 cm

145 x 63 x 115 cm

117,5 x 51 x 100 / 117 cm (Height adjustable handle bar)

Max. Speed

20 km/h

20 km/h

20 km/h


10 kg

50 kg

16 kg

Max. Reach

25 km

30 km

25 km

Charging Time

2-4 h

6 – 8 h

4 h

Power in Watt

150 Watt

600 Watt

500 Watt Spitze

250 Watt dauerhaft

Special Features

• One handed folding function 

• Height adjustable seat

• 12“ pneumatic tires

• LED-Light with daytime running light

• made in Germany


ab 749 €

ab 999 €

ab 1.990 €

You may be feeling the need for speed, but the maximum power in watts is not necessarily the one decisive attribute for a pleasurable driving experience. As also the result of the e-scooter test of the technical magazine CHIP.

Metz moover masters, for example, does very well in smaller uphill runs. Unfortunately, the e scooter is less convincing in terms of suspension and driving stability. Also, due to the relatively small pneumatic tires, special attention is required. This can be especially true for curbs. Moovi offers a very good price/performance ratio. Above all, the extremely low weight of just 10 kg can be a deal breaker for those of us who live in the 5th floor of an apartment building. Additionally, its handy format and the one-hand folding function also make it a clear winner in terms of convenience. The performance, of course, is not as strong as its more expensive competitors. The Moovi, in ​​turn, impresses with a particularly good battery charging time. Those who prefer to sit on their e scooter the Revoluzzer 3.0 Basic 20 should probably be on your list. The height-adjustable seat provides very sufficient comfort. It is important to also note that with a weight of 50 kg and a maximum battery charging time of up to 8 hours, the Revoluzzer is not as convincing in every respect.

BMW also builds e scooters in a class of its own

The car manufacturer BMW is also focusing on the innovative and environmentally friendly way of getting around. With its BMW X2 City model, the car manufacturer is setting the standard for e scooters in a class of their own. The BMW X2 City costs a whopping € 2,399, but also offers some extras such as 16-inch pneumatic tires, a taillight brake and hydraulic Magura brake discs. The e scooter has an exemplary braking distance of less than 2 meters event at an output speed of 20 km / h. By law, a maximum of 4.4 meters is the minimum requirement. A clear downside with the BMW X2 City is its weight, which at 23 kg so it is not exactly a lightweight model. The length of the scooter at 1.50 meters. Although, the larger model does offer a maximum load of up to 150 kg.

Conclusion of the street legal e scooter test

There are many differences in electric scooters, some small and some large. Especially regarding the legal requirements, you should obtain sufficient information before buying and carefully compare the individual models. Although the price does not always decide on the quality of an electric scooter, but it must be said that the currently available models that cost less than 500 €, only rarely have street approval.