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Posted 17 Jul 2019

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As of the law change that became effective June 15, 2019, electric scooters have been legally allowed to drive on German roads and cycle paths - provided that they meet certain criteria. The first sharing providers are therefore already present in Berlin to offer their e scooters throughout the city center for rent via app sharing programs. But, is it perhaps more effective to get yourself your very own electric scooter? What are the initial costs and which are the cheapest e-scooters to buy? What do you have to consider when buying an e-scooter and what are the differences between the different electric scooters? We have compiled the most important information here for you.

What are the differences between electric scooters?

Since e scooters may legally participate in road traffic only under certain conditions, a distinction is first to be made between electric scooters with street legal registration and those without the permission to participate in public road traffic. The law requires that only those e scooters meet the following criteria to be made street legal:

  • Type-specific maximum speed: 20 km / h
  • Maximum power: 500 watts (peak values ​​of up to 700 watts are allowed)
  • Two separate brakes
  • Headlamp, tail light, reflector and two side reflectors
  • bell
  • Valid insurance badge

How much do street legal e scooters cost?

Street legal e scooters can be found from around 400 euros. One of the cheapest street legal electric scooters is the iconBit IK-1971K PRO E-Board. The nearly 400-euro e scooter meets all the criteria to participate in public road traffic. Its maximum speed is by design 20 km / h and its maximum power is 350 watts. In addition, it has all the features such as front and rear lights and hosts two independent brakes. The maximum weight is on average at 100 kg. The battery charging time is about 5 hours, which is also a good average compared to competitors. For about 500 to 750 euros you will find numerous other e scooters that fit within the legal requirements for max speed and such. For example, the iconbit IK-1972 TRACER or the Moovi. The Moovi is particularly handy due to its light weight of just 10 kg and its short battery charging time (maximum 4 hours). In addition, the Moovi makes up for its "only" 150 watts maximum performance through its endurance and good handling. The price is about 750 €.

How much do you have to spend on a good street legal electric scooter?

However, if you are looking for an e-scooter exclusively for private use, you do not need to dig deep into your pocket. Private use meaning you have no intention of riding it on public roads. In that case you can find models from around 100 euros. One of the cheapest e-scooters is the VidaXL 903. At just 100 euros, it is a real bargain among adult electric scooters. The maximum load capacity is only 70 kg. The VidaXL 903 manages to reach a top speed of 12 km / h and has a stand and a small seat.

Overview of the cheapest e-scooter to buy

In addition to the VidaXL there are a number of other electric scooters that have a pretty unbeatable price. For example, the e4fun e scooter for adults is priced at around 180 euros. This scooter manages up to 25 km / h and is suitable for people up to 100 kg. With a maximum load capacity of up to 110 kg and including LED light, there is the Brimton BSK-651. This model costs around 220 euros. In this price segment you will find numerous e-scooters, which usually differ only in maximum rider weight and maximum speed. Other distinguishing features are the weight of the scooter and the equipment. While some e-scooters only have a stand for safe parking, others have LEDs or even a seat for more comfortable driving.


Since the e-scooters have only recently become street legal, a careful search is still required before buying an e-scooter. Does your new scooter have to be street legal or are you looking for an e-scooter for home use? On the internet and in some online shops it is not always mentioned whether or not the electric scooter has been approved for German roads. So if you buy an e-scooter online, you should take a closer look at the product data sheet of the various suppliers and models. Even with the Internet-visible tests and comparisons of various e-scooters there is sometimes missing an indication of whether or not the e scooter is street legal. On the online comparison portal idealo, on the other hand, you will find a clear classification of street-legal electric scooters as well as numerous street-legal e-scooters.

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