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Posted 16 Aug 2019

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So you have tried out Lime, Circ, Voi, and have grown accustomed to the 20 km/ph-paced, futuristic lifestyle you dreamed of in the 90s. 

But is now the time to own your own? Yes, sharing is caring, but there is something to be said about getting a brand new toy just for yourself. So much the better if that shiny new item is actually lowering your CO2 emissions and helping you take a step, or better yet a ride, forward in the name of climate change. 

Shop through ePilot’s list of the absolute coolest e Scooters you can own right now.



Brand: BMW 
Price:  €2399
BMW brings their commitment to quality and an eye for design into their first foray in micro-mobility and e Scooters. The BMW Motorrad x2City is light, compact and foldable. It is designed to be portable so you can quickly and easily fold it up when you need to on a bus, train or even in the back of your car. The battery is integrated into the scooter frame and the motor comes with 5 speed levels, from 8 to 20 km/h. It even has a USB port for charging mobiles on-the-go. 
The BMW Motorrad x2City e Scooter is hands down one of the most luxurious e Scooters on the market, with a price point to match. So if you are in the mood to splurge, this is the e scooter for you.

“The one with the right price” - Xiaomi Mi E Scooter

Xiaomi Mi E Scooter - ePilot

Brand: Xiaomi Mi 
Price:  €390
The design is simple and the price is pretty much unbeatable in the e scooter market! Winner of the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award in 2017, the Xiaomi Mi Electric scooter is known for its simple design and 29 km long-range battery life. The foldable e Scooter design makes it easy to fold up to take on a train, bus or in the back of a car. It competes with others on the market with battery life, charging time and weight for about half the price of other e Scooter models.

The Engineers Pick - Moovi StVo E Scooter

Moovi StVo E Scooter - ePilot

Brand: Moovi
Price: €799
The Hanover-based company Moovi has taken German engineering and seriously injected it into their e scooters. The all-new street-legal Moovi StVo e Scooter is engineered with a focus on 4 areas:  chassis, engine, production, and equipment. The design of the motor guarantees maintenance-free use without fast wear. The e Scooter boasts a patented lightweight design, the engine is characterized by low power consumption and the kinetic energy gained during braking and coasting back into the battery.

“The Cutest Design” - Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters - ePilot

Brand: Swifty Scooters
Price: €1415.95 - €1883.95 (€913.95 electric kit)
Swifty Scooters is a UK-based brand. They win ePilot’s pick for cutest design, with their swooping beams and soft curves. These e Scooters even come in colors like Echo Blue, Cream Soda, Retro Red, and Sakura Sky. How cute is that?