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Posted 17 Jul 2019

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The market for e scooters is booming at the moment, since the so-called "Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-Verordnung", the official name of the e-scooter law, came into effect on 15.06.2019. In addition to numerous providers for electric scooters, there are also a number of matching accessories for your safety and protection. We will reveal what are the top 5 e-scooter accessories are and what you should look for when buying accessories for your electric scooter.

What accessories are there for e-scooters?

Even if it is not mandatory, wearing a protective helmet is also recommended for electric scooters. Since you participate in the same way with your e scooter on the road as bike, car or truck driver, the same risks exist as with any other road vehicle. Less for the personal, but for the protection of your electric scooter are locks that protect your scooter from theft. For additional storage space on your scooter can be different bags. Various bags and cases are available on the market. If you prefer an e scooter with a seat, there are also different saddles, seats and matching seat protection.Not only can you “pimp out” your e scooter with a variety of color you can also choose seats based on weather protection and so on. And if you do not feel like waiting for a few hours after the driving fun before the battery is fully charged again, you can find additional batteries for your electric scooter in various online shops.

1. E Scooter Accessory: The Helmet

As with cycling, there is no helmet requirement for e-scooter riders in Germany. For your own protection, it is advisable to buy a sensible helmet. The online portal fahrradmagazin.de recently announced on its website the results of its latest bicycle helmet test 2019. First of all, a good bicycle or e scooter helmet does not have to cost a fortune. According to fahrradmagazin.de, the test winner is the Casco Adult Active 2 and costs less than € 80. Rated with a rating of 1.7, it impresses above all with its 30 integrated ventilation openings and reflective stripes. In the test directly behind it in second place (with a rating of 1.8) is the Cratoni Pacer test, which is particularly convincing by its first-class price-performance ratio (about 50 €). Add to that the lightweight construction and padded chin straps, which makes wearing this helmet quite comfortable.

ePilot's Recommendation: TSG Helmet Evolution

Protection: Hard shell construction. Standards: EN 1078, CE, CPSC.

Fit: Tuned fit system with padding, deep low-fit design, optimal snug fit and wearing comfort.

Comfort: 14 air holes with air ducts, comfort padding in 2 sizes.

2. E Scooter Accessory: Locks

To secure your electric scooter from theft you will need to get a stable lock. You can choose between built-in or external folding locks. Another important point is the battery of your e-scooter is an expensive element, so this should also be protected if possible with a lock from thieves. There are special battery locks for securing the battery. Basically, every lock is better than no lock at all. Because if thieves see an e scooter unsecured somewhere, the danger is very high that they simply take it with them. The more expensive your electric scooter is, the more stable its protection against thieves should be. Priced catch good locks for electric scooter at about 100 €.

ePilot's Recommendation: TOMALL Disc Brake Lock

  • Professional disc brake lock anti-theft, high-quality zinc alloy lock cylinder, design can lock without key
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to carry. You can stow it in the supplied stand attached to your scooter or in a bag.
  • These disc brakes are made from high quality steel, the profession paint process will make sure the color never fades. Due to the seal processing it has a strong waterproof barrier. Whether it is raining or humid, the weather will not affect the normal use. The strong anti-corrosion agent will keep its service life.
  • Compared to other locks, this is more secure as it has anti-theft keyholes inside and the pattern is very complex. In addition, we have a memory rope, the rope made of hard steel and environmental protection PVC mateal anti-shear design, about 120 cm in the extension can match with the locking use, to ensure more security.
  • Easy to install. It can be installed in a few minutes. All you need is a screwdriver to attach the lock to your scooter.

3. E Scooter Accessory: Bags and Baskets

Bags for e-scooters differ in two ways: on the one hand there are pockets to transport the scooter more easily and conveniently in the folded state. On the other hand, various bags for electric scooters are available, which bring additional storage space. Transport bags for electric scooters are already available from about 13 € online. When buying, make sure that your scooter fits folded and does not exceed the specified dimensions. For the higher priced models, there are some matching bags. These start priced at around 50 €. For your valuables there are various handlebar bags and baskets in different sizes and colors in various online shops. 

ePilot's Recommendation: Ritapreaty Scooter Basket

  • It uses high quality thickened fabric. It has a waterproof coating on the inner layer to prevent leakage.
  • Bicycle basket can be installed front or side, easy to install and remove.
  • The base of the 2* can be placed with seals for more load and better load. Approximately 10kg in weight, can be held in hand.
  • Turn the bike basket into a portable hand luggage and bring it back in a short time.
  • Products can be folded, easy to carry!

4. E Scooter Accessory: Saddle & Seat Protection

Electric scooters are available both with and without seats. If you prefer a seated e scooter, it is advisable to protect the seat from direct sunlight, rain or dirt. Cheap seat covers are already available for around 10 € in every common bike shop such as fahrrad.de to buy. When buying, pay attention to the appropriate size of the cover so that it fits perfectly later on the seat of your e-scooter.

5. E Scooter Accessory: Additional Battery

The range of most e-scooters approved for road traffic is a maximum of 30 kilometers. After that it's time to finish driving and recharge the battery. The charging time of the battery varies from e-scooter to e-scooter and usually varies between 2 and 8 hours. For most e-scooters you should plan about 4-6 hours until the battery reaches again for the next 30 kilometers. If that is not enough, you can buy an extra battery. Depending on the brand and performance costs a second battery but quite several hundred euros.

In addition to fast chargers, pneumatic tires in various sizes and additional LED lights, the market for accessories for electric scooters is currently growing rapidly. For the coming months and years you can expect various accessories to pop up to equip, trick out and pimp your e-scooter with more individuality.

Currently, the accessory market for electric scooters is often still used in the bicycle market. Especially the helmets, there will probably be no special helmets for e scooters, since the micro-electric vehicles regulation does not require a helmet. A good guide is therefore comprehensive cycling helmet tests that compare the quality, functionality, support and price of current models. Also in the area of ​​bags, saddles and locks are product tests from the bicycle industry as a good reference.