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Posted 28 Aug 2020

Reading time: 4 Minutes

Due to the Corona crisis, many Germans have decided to stay in their own country this year. In order to stay mobile on site, many take their bikes with them on vacation. But what is it like when you want to strap e-bikes and pedelecs onto the roof of your car? We have summarized the most important facts.

Summer, sun, Corona - this is what our vacation looks like this year. Not only the summer holidays are affected, but also the upcoming autumn and maybe even the Christmas holidays. Many have already changed, rebooked or canceled their vacation plans for security reasons. In many cases the alternative is to go on vacation in your own country. So it makes sense to strap the whole family's bikes onto the car roof, right? Good idea - at least for bikes without a motor or battery. E-bikes and pedelecs, on the other hand, shouldn't be strapped onto the roof due to their heavy weight. Transport on a rear rack is not always the best choice either. In the worst case, the wheels could be torn from their anchoring and thus represent a high risk.

How to take your e-bike with you on vacation

Pedelecs and e-bikes are best to be attached to special coupling carriers. Here, however, it is important that the trailer coupling is explicitly designed for the transport of bicycles with an auxiliary motor, as the weight differs considerably from classic bicycles without a motor. R + V Versicherung, for example, explicitly warns against transporting e-bikes and pedelecs on the roof. In the event of an accident in which the electric bike is thrown from the vehicle due to improper transport, the insurance company may be excluded from liability in the worst case.

Pedelec on tour - How to secure your electric bike for the ride

If you know that you want to go on vacation with your e-bike, it is advisable to find suitable means of transport. Ideally, organize a hitch carrier that can reliably carry the weight of the bike. If in doubt, speak to your insurance company beforehand so that you do not experience any nasty surprises in the event of a claim. If you travel with the e-bike in your luggage during the summer months, it makes alternate sense to remove the battery or the motor before you start your journey and take it with you in the trunk. In this way, it is safely protected from direct sunlight and does not threaten to break if you drive for hours in the blazing sun.

Rent an e-bike instead of buying it

If you want to avoid the high acquisition costs of a pedelec or an e-bike, you can alternatively borrow or lease one. In various German cities you can now find thousands of electric bicycles that you can simply rent via the app to cover short and medium-long distances. In addition, there are rental stations with competent advice in many holiday regions all over Europe. And if that's not enough, you can lease your own pedelec or e-bike. This is another way of avoiding the not to be despised purchase price without having to forego the luxury of electric driving.

And companies can also benefit from e-bike leasing: With the additional offer for employees, the company not only increases its employer branding, but also does something good for the environment at the same time.